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Our Products :

                We are leading Manufacturer for the Products which also includes A4 Size Copier Paper from 2014.
We strive to be ahead of the competition by constantly moving up the value chain. Today our branded and value added products constitute almost the entire production.

1. 75 GSM – A4 Sheet

Multi-Purpose Office Paper :NH4 Product - 75 GSM A4 Sheet Paper

  • Ideal For Office Printing.
  • A Single paper solution for multiple office needs.
  • Premium Quality Paper.
  • A popular multi-purpose office paper.
  • Preferred by most offices and corporate for commercial usage.
  • Offers a combination of economy and quality .
  • Best suited for hi-speed Copying, inkjet , laser and general office stationery.
  • Thickness of  75 Gsm A4 Papers & Good value-for-money.


2. 70 GSM – A4 SheetNH4 Product - 70 GSM A4 Sheet Paper

A Multi-Functional Paper :

  • Thickness of 70gsm.
  • Super-bright Paper with excellent dimensional stability.
  • For hi-speed, hassle-free copying and printing.
  • Ideal for photocopies.
  • A4 size.
  • Excellent surface & optical properties that offer higher print resolution.
  • Ideal for Speed-copying, Laser, Inkjet and Digital printers.

3. 80 GSM – A4 Sheet

Excellent Business Paper:NH4 Product - 80 GSM A4 Sheet Paper

  • Finest  business stationery product for high Technology business.
  • Ideal for photocopying.
  • Trouble free machine run.
  • Compatible with all types of photocopying machines
  • The whitest of the Range in pleasing shade.
  • Thickness of 80gsm
  • Hi-strength, Hi-bulk paper with enhanced visual appeal and feel.
  • A finest, multi-functional paper for high end office needs.